How Do I Run Contiki on VirtualBox

At this outset, all of us are capable run Contiki on VirtualBox and this article is considered as the illustration of step by step process to Contiki on VirtualBox.

Phase: I

As the first process, we have to install the Contiki packages in VirtualBox – 3.0 because virtual machine is deployed as the enhancement of Contiki environment. To install Contiki in VirtualBox – 3.0, we have to execute the steps that are highlighted in the following.

  • Firstly, we have to download the VirtualBox through the URL “
  • Following that, the instant Contiki has to be downloaded through the URL “
  • Then, the new virtual machine has to be created along with the VitualBox
  • Linux and Ubuntu 32 bit have to be selected
  • The RAM should be used as in the default amount
  • “Use an existing virtual hard drive” has to be selected
  • Then, the instant Contiki downloaded vmdk file is selected
  • Finally, we have to press the create button to create the virtual machine

Phase: II

Finally, we can run the Contiki on VirtualBox – 3.0 through the execution of the below mentioned commands in the terminal.

cd instantcontiki/tools/cooja

ant run

Running Contiki on VirtualBox-3.0

If you want to know more information about the process running Contiki on VirtualBox, then contact us to grab some knowledge.

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