How Does CloudSim Work

In general, the CloudSim is denoted as the open source framework and that is deployed to simulate the cloud computing infrastructure and services. Additionally, our research professionals have highlighted the notable steps based on the process of CloudSim working model.

  • As the first process, the CIS object have to be created and that have to be registered
  • Then, the data centers have to be created along with the hosts that are capable for the configuration process
  • Consequently, the broker object has to be created and it queries the CIS for the data center
  • CSI is returning the broker and registered data centers with configuration
  • Following that, the cloudlets have to be submitted to the broker for the implementation process
  • Then, the cloudlets are submitted to the virtual machines as per the policies to run the physical machines in the data centers
  • Finally, we have to implement the CloudSim simulation through right clicking the main file and selecting the right file option to acquire the result which is mentioned below

Result of CloudSim Simulation

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