How to Install Ns2 Software

Are you guys want to know about the installation of network simulator 2 software? Then stay tuned with this article because we provide the complete research guidance for the Ns2 installation process.

Phase: I

Predominantly, we have to download the Ns2 software packages as the first process and then we have to extract the downloaded packages through the execution of below mentioned commands in the Ubuntu terminal.

cd /home/research/

tar -xvzf ns-allinone-2.35.tar.gz

Extraction of Ns2 Packages

Phase: II

Following the extraction process, we have to install the Ns2 software in Ubuntu through the implementation of the below mentioned process.

cd /home/research/ns-allinone-2.35

sudo ./install

Installation of Ns2 Software

Phase: III

For your reference, our technical professionals have highlighted some simulation processes based on the utilization of Ns2 software.

  • Attack detection process
  • Detect the congestion control packets
  • Route selection process
  • Optimal channel selection process
  • Spectrum sensing process
  • D2D communication process

To this end, we hope that we provide the complete research assistance for the research scholars. So, you people can reach us at any time to acquire a lot about the installation of Ns2 packages and the installation of Ns2 software.

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