Is Mininet a Simulator

Unquestionably, Mininet is defined as the unique open source network simulator and this article is about the depiction of the functions of Mininet.

In general, Mininet is developed to support the research and educational background based on the software defined networking. In addition, Mininet is designed to create the virtual software defined networks easily by consisting the below mentioned elements.

  • Multiple hosts
  • OpenFlow enabled Ethernet switches
  • OpenFlow controllers
  • Multiple hosts connected with switches

Mininet Simulator Commands

Moreover, Mininet provides the commands which permit us to inspect and manage all the network element from the command line and we have highlighted some commands with its functions in the following.

  • pingall
  • It is used to run the ping command in all the host and ping the other host to report the results in Mininet command line interface
  • net
  • It provides the details about connecting the simulated network
  • nodes
  • It is used to list the names of network elements
  • dump
  • It is deployed to list the data about nodes, switches and controllers in the simulated network

You can make call to us to clarify your doubts and our research professionals will provide the appropriate guidance in Mininet simulator.

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