List of Elsevier Journals in Computer Science

The publication is required in many disciplines and it is the thing which is used to promote the research career, In addition, it provides connection and understanding of the field but writing a research paper, undergoing peer review, and process of editing is difficult and time-consuming task for the research scholars. We guide research students to publish their work in latest List of Elsevier Journals in Computer Science. Meanwhile, our research experts make all such tasks easier for the PhD scholars. Consequently, there are various types of articles such as research articles, review articles, conference papers, etc. Let’s discuss the significance of the research article and review the article in the following,

Difference between Research Article and Review Article

Now and then, research articles are denoted as experimental and fundamental sources or reports based on innovative research. The research article will essentially include sections such as,

  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Methodologies
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion

The research articles are based on the original research. The methods of research may show a difference and exist contingent on the research field, topic, survey, result, discussion, etc. but authors need to collect and analyze raw data and conduct an original study. The research article will be based on the analysis and interpretation of this data.

A review article is an analysis based on other published research papers related to a particular research field. It is not a report based on creative research. In general, a review article describes the existing literature on a specific research topic to explain the existing state of understanding of the research topic. Review articles are usually called literature reviews and secondary sources which synthesize and analyze the research already conducted in the primary sources. They generally summarize the current state of research on a given topic.

Review articles form valuable scientific literature as they summarize the findings of existing literature. So the researchers can form an idea about the existing knowledge on a research topic without having to read all the published works in the field. Well-written review articles are popular, particularly in the field of science and technology. Most reputed journals were used to publish the review articles. On the other hand, the researchers should check the website of the journal that needs to get published to see if they accept such articles. If published in a good peer-reviewed journal, review articles often have a high impact and receive a lot of citations.

Download Latest List of Elsevier in Computer Science Engineering

Computer science is the only field that is the base of several other fields of engineering and science. Hereby, our research professionals have listed a few recent and trending topics for research in the field of computer science.

Research Notions in Computer Science

  • Network communication
    • Submarine data transmission
    • Flying vehicle communication
  • Wireless communication
    • Energy-efficient cell sectorization
    • Self-blockage aware beam forming
  • D2D communication
    • Adaptive multiple D2D pairs
    • D2D-enabled cellular networks
  • Satellite communication
    • Inter satellite optical communication
    • Hybrid satellite-terrestrial relay network
  • Optical communication
    • Secure optical with visual MIMO
    • Packet switching and optimal routing
  • Molecular communication
    • Channel coding and aggregation
    • Reactive obstacle prediction
  • OFDM Wireless communication
    • Nearest antenna selection
    • Initial uplink synchronization
  • Cloud computing
    • Secure cloud virtualization
    • Inter and Intra virtual machine migration
  • Context-aware computing
    • Services responses by agent
    • Clustering and collaboration
  • Dependable secure computing
    • Secure and trusted ecosystem
    • Distributed and phishing attacks detection

Are you guys searching for the list of Elsevier journals in computer science with ISSN number, SJR rank, etc? But it is considered the toughest task for the research scholars who have completed their research papers and are organized to publish. Therefore, we have highlighted the list of Elsevier journals in computer science in the below-mentioned excel and that includes the specifications such as SJR rank, ISSN number, name of the journal, name of the publishers, etc.

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