Machine Learning Robotics Projects

Robotics has seen a remarkable growth in upcoming period, so in this page we have compiled a list of innovative and interesting robotics projects ideas. Robotics enacts an important role in the field of machine learning. Robotics project are developed exclusively by our development now were, where ever you are we are ready to assist you. Online trust we have gained across 3000+customers every year, you can come to know about us by our years of reputation and our good grade service. Paper writing is done by our writing team who are all in-depth  in English vocabulary as all are PhD professionals.

Here, this article contains a list of machine learning robotics project ideas that reach on various critical levels, applications and subfield of robotics is,

Beginner Projects:

  1. Line Following Robot: The simple sensor is used by us and machine learning has to improve the robot’s path along a line on the floor.
  2. Gesture-Controlled Robot: We can execute the system where the robot can be handled by hand gestures and get captured by camera.
  3. Voice-Activated Assistant: Make a robot which responds to our voice commands. The visual assistants used in this like Alexa and Siri.
  4. Obstacle Avoidance System: The small robots are developed that uses basic ML (Machine Learning) algorithms to understand and detect the directions for us to overcome the obstacles.
  5. Automated Vacuum Cleaner: By designing simple robot vacuum, we can learn the beneficial paths through machine learning.

Intermediate Projects:

  1. Robot Arm for Object Sorting: It sorts objects by using a camera and a robotic arm. We sort the object by color, shape or size with the help of supervised learning.
  2. Emotion-Based Pet Robot: A robot is created to detect human emotions through our facial expressions and respond accordingly.
  3. Automated Guided Vehicle: AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) is developed by us and it deploys ML (Machine Learning) to optimize the routes in setting a warehouse,
  4. AI-powered Surveillance Drone: With the help of computer vision, our drone is being programmed while flying to admit constant objects or activities.
  5. Social Robot: Construct a robot which can learn our social behavior and getting interacted with people in a socially aware manner.

Advanced Projects:

  1. Robot Soccer Player: The reinforcement learning, this is applied to the robot by us for learning the tricks and to play soccer.
  2. Search and Rescue Robot: The robots are designed which navigates through rubble and the machine learning technique used to locate people to protect ourselves.
  3. AI choreographer: By analyzing music and dance styles, the robot can able to learn and generate dance routines.
  4. Robotic Hand with Tactile Learning: We create a robot hand which uses sensors to learn by touching and operate objects quickly and perfectly.
  5. Medical Diagnosis Assistant: The robotic system uses pattern recognition which helps us to appoint doctors in diagnosing diseases which extracted from our medical images.

Expert Projects:

  1. Autonomous Combat Robot: The robot which utilizes machine learning to detect the targets and to make key decisions to help us in the assumed combat environment.
  2. Self-Improving Manufacturing Robot: We implement a system that the robots are in a construction line to learn and advance the efficiency of task in over time.
  3. Autonomous Underwater Vehicle: The deep learning method is used by AUV to understand and communicate with marine environments for our research or search operations.
  4. AI-based Robot Therapist: The therapy sessions are conducted by the robot to make clear of us about patient emotions and their responses.
  5. Intelligent Prosthetic Limb: A prosthetic limb has to be designed to learn the user’s movement patterns for more natural control.
  6. Space Exploration Rover: The rover is developed which navigates the extra-terrestrial terrain and make decisions about where the models are collected using machine learning algorithms.

Consider the following points which is essential to begin a machine learning robot project,

  • Feasibility: We make sure to access the required resources and skills especially for improved projects.
  • Safety: The safety in mind is more important when we are involving projects like physical interactions between the human and robot.
  • Data: Fetching and preparing the high-quality data is necessary for performing the machine learning tasks.
  • Ethics: When we think about the ethical suggestion, it particularly applied in some applications like surveillance, therapy or combat.
  • Collaborations: Collaboration with experts in this field is more beneficial to develop our interdisciplinary projects. Such as environmental science (EVS) or medicine.

The above-mentioned project ideas are customized to match the definite interests, skills of the students and the involved researchers can even be accommodated to label the real-world problems.

Machine Learning Robotics Projects Ideas

Machine Learning Robotics Thesis Topics

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  1. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, robotics, future of work and future of humanity: A review and research agenda
  2. Genetics-based machine learning and behaviour-based robotics: a new synthesis
  3. Impact of robotics on manufacturing: A longitudinal machine learning perspective
  4. From machine learning to robotics: challenges and opportunities for embodied intelligence
  5. Regulating by robot: Administrative decision making in the machine-learning era
  6. Learning robot behaviour and skills based on human demonstration and advice: the machine learning paradigm
  7. Teaching machine learning in robotics interactively: the case of reinforcement learning with Lego® Mindstorms
  8. The impact of AI, machine learning, automation and robotics on the information professions: A report for CILIP
  9. Recent scalability improvements for semidefinite programming with applications in machine learning, control, and robotics
  10. Surgical robotics beyond enhanced dexterity instrumentation: a survey of machine learning techniques and their role in intelligent and autonomous surgical actions
  11. Convergence of machine learning and robotics communication in collaborative assembly: mobility, connectivity and future perspectives
  12. Evaluating the Role of Robotics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in the Field of Performance Management
  13. Controlling an organic synthesis robot with machine learning to search for new reactivity
  14. Human–robot collaboration and machine learning: A systematic review of recent research
  15. Intelligent robotics incorporating machine learning algorithms for improving functional capacity evaluation and occupational rehabilitation
  16. Personalized machine learning for robot perception of affect and engagement in autism therapy
  17. Chemical robotics enabled exploration of stability in multicomponent lead halide perovskites via machine learning
  18. Motion planning and control for mobile robot navigation using machine learning: a survey
  19. Object detection recognition and robot grasping based on machine learning: A survey
  20. Elucidating the full potential of OPV materials utilizing a high-throughput robot-based platform and machine learning
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