Massive MIMO 5G Matlab Code

We can implement the massive MIMO 5G Matlab code, for that we have to follow some guidelines to get succeed in the execution process. Let’s get into the notable process of implementing the massive MIMO 5G Matlab code.

Required Parameters

In the following, we have highlighted the essential parameters that are required to implement the code.

  • Multi
  • Weight of additive estimation error to channel estimation
  • f_symb
  • Sampling rate of channel matrix
  • f_dop
  • Doppler spread of channel
  • Symbols
  • Pattern specified to modulation
  • SNR
  • Range of SNR
  • Num_UE
  • Number of UEs
  • Num_BS_Antennas
  • Number of antennas in base station

Matlab Code for Massive MIMO 5G

Here, we have highlighted some sample Matlab code which are deployed to implement the massive MIMO 5G network.

  • Compute hybrid weights and its spectral efficiency

[Fbb,Frf,Wbb,Wrf] =


Rhyb(m,k) =


  • Compute optimal weights and its spectral efficiency

[Fopt,Wopt] = helperOptimalHybridWeights(H,Ns,1/snr);

Ropt(m,k) =


  • compute randomly placed scattered clusters

txclang = [rand(1,Ncl)*120-60;rand(1,Ncl)*60-30];

rxclang = [rand(1,Ncl)*120-60;rand(1,Ncl)*60-30];

txang = zeros(2,Nscatter);

rxang = zeros(2,Nscatter);

Execution of Massive MIMO 5G Code

The massive MIMO 5G code is executed through right clicking the main file and selecting the run option to acquire the following result.

Result of Massive MIMO 5G

We hope that you guys have acquired some knowledge about the process of implementing massive MIMO 5G Matlab code. If you have any issues, then through away your hesitation and reach us to clarify your issues based on the execution process.

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