NetAnim Installation

This article is about the process of installing NetAnim using network simulator 3 and here we have provided the required data about the installation process of NetAnim as the step by step process. Now, let’s start this article with the process of downloading the packages based on network simulator 3.

Step: 1 Download Ns-3 Package with NetAnim

At the outset, we have to download the particular release through just clicking the URL which is mentioned below.

Link to Download Ns-3 Packages


Step: 2 Install NetAnim

To install NetAnim, we have to change the NetAnim-3.108 location in the terminal through the execution of below mentioned commands.

cd /home/research/ns-allinone-3.27/netanim-3.108

Changing NetAnim Location

Following that, we have to execute the commands that are highlighted in the terminal to install NetAnim.

sudo apt install qt4-default qt4-qmake

Install NetAnim Requirements


Install NetAnim

As a final point, we have to implement the commands that are highlighted below to update the installed NetAnim packages.


Configure NetAnim Installation

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