Network Communication Research Proposal

Network communication is defined as the communication pattern for transmitting the data from one end device to the other. Channels of network communication can be any type as formal or informal. A starting point of writing a Network communication research proposal is that choose the research topic. Asking for good research ideas is the common demand from scholars and students.

Depending on the issues in network communication, separate solutions are prepared and addressed to obtain the higher performance for making the idea to be better. For that, we First start to help with our research issues in network communication.

Novel Network Communication Research Proposal

This page explores the network communication functions, technologies, and implications for researching prototype applications. 

Research Issues in Network Communication 

  • Location Management
  • Route Optimization
  • Bandwidth management
  • Traffic rate adaptation
  • Buffer Management
  • Broadcast Scheduling
  • Multi-channel neighbor discovery
  • Congestion control
  • Utility Network Management
  • Data Broadcast- Data Scheduling
  • Caching of Data-Allocation
  • Data Invalidation and Replacement

From the above issues, you can pick any of the research issues or two or more. All research ideas in network communication are quite interesting. For each idea, we must deliver what problem we hope to solve and what’s new about the proposed research? Interestingly, we focus on a greater number of topics in network communication and analyze all parts of research works such as process, functions, algorithms, mechanisms, and pseudocode. According to that, we summarize a few research ideas for your network communication research proposal.  

PhD Topics in Network Communication 

  • Nano and Molecular Communications
  • Channel Modeling, Characterization, and Estimation
  • Multi-Carrier Modulation, And Waveform Design
  • Massive MIMO, MIMO, and cloud-RAN
  • Cognitive Radio, and Spectrum Sensing
  • Phy Layer security and privacy
  • Signal processing for wireless communications
  • Modulation, coding, diversity, equalization, synchronization
  • Interference modeling, alignment, management, and cancellation
  • Multi-Hop, D2D, and Cooperative Communications
  • Data Analytics, Machine Learning and AI for Network Communications
  • Asynchronous, Sporadic, and Low rate Phy Strategies
  • AI, machine learning, and data analytics for wireless communications
  • Content storage and caching wireless communication
  • Energy Harvesting PHY layer and Energy Efficient Design
  • Energy Transmission and Joint Information
  • mmWave, SubTHZ, and Ultra-wideband Communications

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What is a good research proposal?

           A research proposal is a short study of the research work that includes research questions, methods, main research findings, and hypothesis. Further, it describes sample inputs, data packets type, datasets if any, procedure, and system design. Finally, a good research proposal reflects two important features such as follows:

  • The original idea that reflects the independent critical thinking & analysis
  • Capable to transfers the research ideas clearly

Every university has followed its research proposal template. In particular, each PhD department has followed its formatting in research proposal writing. For any type of proposal template, we can guide you. One of our best research proposal templates is given below.


Section I 

  • Overview / Introduction – (Aim and Scope, Objectives, Research Issues, Prototype Testing, Proof of Concept)

Section II

  • Problem Statement (Research Motivations, and Specific Statements)

Section III 

Research Methodology (System Architecture, Entire work, and Result Parameters)Section Section IV 

  • Research Highlights (Algorithms, Performance Metrics, and Approaches)

Section V 

  • References Explanation / Literature Review

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