Ns-3 Windows

Through this article our research professionals have highlighted the significance about the functions of network simulator 3 windows along with the step by step process.

Phase: I

Firstly, we have to download the VMWare workstation player through the below mentioned link.


URL to Download VMWare Workstation

Phase: II

Then, we have to download the VM image based on Ubuntu 18.04 through the following URL.


Download VM Image


Phase: III

Next, we have to install the Ubuntu in VMWare through the steps that are highlighted below.

  • The VMware workstation player has to open and click the “Open a Virtual Machine”
  • Then, go to the place in which the VM image is extracted
  • We have to click the “Play Virtual Machine”

Phase: IV

Consequently, we have to install the packages based on ns-allinone-3.33 through the execution of the commands that are highlighted below.

cd ns-allinone-3.33/

sudo ./build.py –enable-examples –enable-tests

Phase: V

The below mentioned commands are implemented to execute the simulation file in ns-3.33 in the Ubuntu terminal.

cd ns-3.33

sudo ./waf –run hello-simulator

If you are facing some difficulties, then get back to us to clear all such issues with the support of our technical experts.


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