P2P Simulator

Through this article, our technical experts have highlighted the notable research processes based on P2P simulator. The peer to peer simulator is defined as P2P simulator and it is also called as Peersim. In addition, the code for Peersim is implemented through the utilization of Java. Here, we have listed out the supportive simulators based on P2P in the following.

  • OMNeT++
  • python
  • Ns-3

As an additional note, we have

  • Enhanced RPL (ERPL)
  • It is defined as the routing protocol and provides the better performance in routing through selecting optimal parent node in network
  • Emperor Penguin Colony
  • It is an optimization algorithm used for selecting next forwarder during query forwarding process
  • Routing Information Protocol
  • It is a routing protocol designed especially for the P2P based network. Hence, it provides better performance in data transmission without any packet drops
  • Present Encryption
  • It is an block cipher based encryption algorithm which is used to encrypt the data during transmission in P2P based network
  • Nearest Neighbor
  • It is heuristic algorithm used to select the neighbor with nearest distance

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