Research Areas in Cyber Security

However, while the implementing the research it presents comes with limitations that keep it from being applicable to every problem where it could be used, that research area is where its strength comes from.

Emerging Research Areas in Cyber Security

Our technical experts have highlighted some most significant research areas based on cyber security for your reference.

  • Malware related issues in web servers and applications
  • Defense industry
  • Data privacy issues in personal health care environment
  • WSN
  • Industrial control system and security
  • DevSecOps
  • Cloud computing

Major Issues in Cyber Security

The cyber security is denoted as the emerging research field and it includes various issues in its platform and they have been enlisted in the following.

  • Intentional malware injection in web server and applications
  • Eavesdropping by malicious nodes in defense industry
  • Data theft, sniffing and spoofing in health care environment
  • Routing attacks in WSN
  • Hijacking and fault injection in control system inputs
  • Increased unauthorized users and access in the DevOps environment
  • Malicious packet transmission in cloud computing environment

Apt Solution for Issues

Our technical professionals have highlighted some appropriate solutions for the above mentioned cyber security issues.

  • Malware analysis using advanced deep learning
  • Adopting virtual security and privacy strategy
  • Utilizing cryptography and deep learning solution for health care environment
  • Trust based intelligent routing and scheduling mechanism
  • Unauthorized access restriction and intentional fault identification and prevention
  • Secure and continuous monitoring using advanced AI technologies
  • AI based malicious packet filtration and classification

As the final note, we provide the complete support for your research along with the guidance of our research experts. Reach us to obtain a lot about cyber security.

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