What are Best Simulators for Telecommunication

In general, our well-equipped research professionals have highlighted the most significant simulators that are functional in the simulation based on telecommunication over this article.

Simulators for Telecommunication

Here, we have enlisted some of the simulators that are randomly used in the telecommunication simulation.

  • Ns2
  • The data file are read from trace files which are produced in simulation process and it uses the input as NAM console for the animation visualization
  • OMNeT++
  • Inetmanet, SimuLTE and simu5g in OMNeT++ are used to perform telecommunication process
  • Ns3
  • LTE, mmWave/NR and 5G-LENA modules are used in Ns3 to simulate cellular networks
  • Matlab
  • Massive multiple input multiple output (Massive MIMO) is deployed to simulate cellular communication

Execute Simulation Telecommunication Using Matlab

From the above mentioned simulators for telecommunication, Matlab is denoted as the best simulator. So, we have executed the sample simulation execution in telecommunication using Matlab.

Firstly, we have to open the project in Matlab R2020a and run the MainFileView.m file that to based on the massive MIMO-OFDM system Simulink model.

Run Main File

Finally, we have highlighted the acquired simulation result through the execution of telecommunication simulation as Massive MIMO-OFDM system Simulink model VPI photonics frame OFDM.

Result Massive MIMO-OFDM System

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