What are Motes in Contiki

Our technical experts have provided the notable functions based on the motes in Contiki over this handout. In general, the mote type is considered as the type of sensors hardware and the Contiki applications are capable to simulate the functions based on mote.

Meanwhile, the main utilization of Cooja in Contiki is to simulate the radio transmissions among the motes based on the same type of 802.15.4 bytes stream such as checksum, data, frame of delimiter and preamble.

On the other hand, we have enlisted the substantial motes that are accessible in Contiki.

  • ESB Mote
  • Sky Mote
  • Z1 Mote
  • Wismote Mote
  • Exp5438 Mote
  • CC430 Mote
  • Exp1120 Mote
  • Exp1101 Mote
  • Exp2420 Mote
  • Trxeb2520 Mote
  • Trxeb1120 Mote
  • Ethb1120 Mote
  • MicaZ Mote

We have provided the enough data about the functions of motes in Contiki. If you people want to know more about the motes of Contiki then reach us.

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