What are Some Examples of Internet Protocols

Through this article the research scholars can acquire a lot the internet protocols along with its significance. Without any delay, let’s start with the short note about the internet protocols.

  • Simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP)
  • It is defined as the set of communication directions which permits the software to transmit an electronic mail by internet
  • File transfer protocol (FTP)
  • It is deployed for file transmission among computers over TCP / IP
  • Address resolution protocol (LAN)
  • It is utilized to connect the ever changing internet protocol address to fix the physical machine address in local area network
  • Transmission control protocol / Internet protocol (TCP / IP)
  • It is a set of communication protocols to interconnect the network devices

Moreover, we have highlighted some of the innovative research topics based on internet protocols.

  • Implementation and performance evaluation of TCP/IP communication over private LoRa
  • Design of address assignment and resolution protocol for underwater networks
  • Direct and indirect file transfer protocols between clients in client server architecture
  • Secure socket layer stripping attack using address resolution protocol spoofing
  • Flexible congestion control algorithm to adapt for high BDP networks
  • Cross layer based handover and congestion control mechanism for TCP performance improvement in 5G network

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