What are Some Ideas to Do a Project on Wireless Sensor Networks

Do you guys want to know about the unique and latest research topics in wireless sensor networks? Well and good!!! This article is about the list if research ideas and sample source code in wireless sensor network.

Phase: I

Initially, let’s take a glance over the list of research ideas to develop a project based on wireless sensor network.

  • Fault diagnosis in WSN
  • Real time node localization in WSN
  • Attack detection in WSN
  • Secure routing in WSN

Phase: II

Now, we have highlighted the research topics based on wireless sensor network through the enhancement of above mentioned research ideas.

  • A deep learning parking detection algorithm using W-Shape magnetic wireless sensor networks
  • Optimal association strategy of multi gateway wireless sensor networks against smart jammers
  • Dual tier cluster based routing in mobile wireless sensor network for IoT application
  • Flying path optimization of rechargeable UAV for data collection in wireless sensor networks
  • Joint optimization of altitude and beamwidth for UAV-powered wireless sensor networks

Phase: III

Here, we have highlighted some sample Cooja source code for the process of clustering based communication among the wireless IoT sensors.





static uint8_t seqno;

struct {

uint8_t seqno;

uint8_t for_alignment;

struct collect_view_data_msg msg;

} msg;

uint16_t parent_etx;

uint16_t rtmetric;

uint16_t num_neighbors;

uint16_t beacon_interval;

rpl_parent_t *preferred_parent;

linkaddr_t parent;

rpl_dag_t *dag;

if(client_conn == NULL) {



memset(&msg, 0, sizeof(msg));


if(seqno == 0) {

seqno = 128;


msg.seqno = seqno;

linkaddr_copy(&parent, &linkaddr_null);

parent_etx = 0;

dag = rpl_get_any_dag();

if(dag != NULL) {

preferred_parent = dag->preferred_parent;

if(preferred_parent != NULL) {

uip_ds6_nbr_t *nbr;

nbr = uip_ds6_nbr_lookup(rpl_get_parent_ipaddr(preferred_parent));

if(nbr != NULL) {

parent.u8[LINKADDR_SIZE – 1] = nbr->ipaddr.u8[sizeof(uip_ipaddr_t) – 2];

parent.u8[LINKADDR_SIZE – 2] = nbr->ipaddr.u8[sizeof(uip_ipaddr_t) – 1];

parent_etx = rpl_get_parent_rank((uip_lladdr_t *) uip_ds6_nbr_get_ll(nbr)) / 2;



rtmetric = dag->rank;

beacon_interval = (uint16_t) ((2L << dag->instance->dio_intcurrent) / 1000);

num_neighbors = uip_ds6_nbr_num();

} else {

rtmetric = 0;

beacon_interval = 0;

num_neighbors = 0;


collect_view_construct_message(&msg.msg, &parent,

parent_etx, rtmetric,

num_neighbors, beacon_interval);

uip_udp_packet_sendto(client_conn, &msg, sizeof(msg),

&server_ipaddr, UIP_HTONS(UDP_SERVER_PORT));













Phase: IV

For your ease, our technical experts have highlighted the implementation of WSN project in Cooja simulation framework through selecting the configuration file and acquiring the simulation control window to start the simulation in simulation control window to obtain the below mentioned result.

Result of Implementing WSN Project

The research scholars can reach our technical experts to aid more about WSN.

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