What are Some Problems that can be Solved by the IoT Internet of Things

Our technical experts are providing the complete research support for the research scholars based on the projects in Internet of things along with research data through this article.

Research Problems in IoT

First, let’s take a glance over the list of research problems in internet of thing in the recent research platform.

  • High sensitive data leakage and non-scalability
  • Huge vulnerable cyber-attacks, attackers can easily inject false information
  • Tasks are not scheduled in proper way which affects QoS
  • IoT devices are used default weak password gives cyber criminals easy access

Apt Solution for Issues in IoT

Consequently, we have enlisted the appropriate research solutions for the above mentioned research issues.

  • Encryption and blockchain technology is incorporated for enhancing scalability and minimizing high sensitive data leakage
  • Authentication and intrusion detection is performed to detect attackers
  • Task are scheduled by efficient manner which improves QoS
  • Authenticating IoT devices using strong password

Algorithms for Internet of Things

In addition, our technical experts have enlisted the most significant algorithms that re used to in IoT.

  • Stackleberg actor critic
  • Adaptive tunicate swarm optimization
  • Twin actor twin delay deep deterministic policy gradient
  • Improved cuckoo optimization and support vector machine
  • Enhanced elliptic curve digital signature

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