What are Some Project Ideas in Networking and Security

In general, the network security is considered as the process of exchanging and transporting the data among nodes through the shared medium in the information system. The networking management is about the operation and maintenance of the policies, software and structural design of the network. Additionally, we have highlighted some networking and security protocols.

  • SNMPv3
  • OSPF authentication
  • Kerberos
  • Application transparent transport layer security
  • TLS and SSL
  • IPSec and VPNs

Our technical people have enlisted the notable research topics based on the networking and security field.

  • An explainable deep learning framework for resilient intrusion detection in IoT enabled transportation networks
  • Security analysis of triangle channel based physical layer key generation in wireless backscatter communications
  • SeVNoC: Security validation of system on chip designs with NoC fabrics
  • TCE-IDS: Time interval conditional entropy based intrusion detection system for automotive controller area networks
  • A secure data sharing scheme in community segmented vehicular social networks for 6G

Furthermore, you people can reach us at any time to acquire the finest knowledge in networking and security.

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