What are Some Topics on Network Security

Are you guys excited to know about the significance of network security? Then stay tuned!!! We have enlisted the notable processes of network security along with the topical research notions.

Key Notes on Network Security

The network security is denoted as the several countermeasures deployed to protect the network data which is stored. It is used to protect the network against the cyber-attacks, employee negligence and hacking attempts.

Topics in Network Security

  • MSCA: An unsupervised anomaly detection system for network security in backbone network
  • Blockchain based key management and authentication scheme for IoT networks with chaotic scrambling
  • An enhanced AI based network intrusion detection system using generative adversarial networks
  • Multiuser physical layer authentication based on latent perturbed neural networks for industrial internet of things
  • A secure and trusted mechanism for industrial IoT network using blockchain
  • Blockchain enabled authenticated key agreement scheme for mobile vehicles assisted precision agricultural IoT networks

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