What are the Hot Research Topics in Wireless Networks in 2023

Now a days, the research scholars are feeling hard to select a research topics in wireless networks. Thus, our research professionals have highlighted the notable research areas in the wireless networks.

Topical Research Areas

Our skillful research people have highlighted the research areas based on the wireless networks research field.

  • Localization of WSN nodes using federated learning
  • Air quality monitoring in IoT assisted WSNs
  • Data outlier detection and fault diagnosis in WSN
  • Secure scheduling and routing in SDWSN

Research Topics in Wireless Networks

In addition, we have enlisted the eminent research topic based on the wireless network for your reference to develop a research project.

  • Fishnet based smart packet transmission scheduling and resource allocation using AI and Bayesian game theoretic approach in 6G IoT environment
  • Deep learning based DDoS attack detection and prevention in SDN using MTD and blockchain technologies
  • Blockchain enabled graph based anarchic federated learning framework for intrusion detection and privacy preservation in edge assisted IoT
  • Cluster based UMBBFS routing protocol for emergency message dissemination in Edge -RSU for 5G VANET
  • Detection of botnet attack in IoT network using SNORT IDS

As a final note, we provide complete support for the research scholars to implement the research project in wireless networks. So, reach us to acquire a lot…

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