What are the Security Issues in Cognitive Radio Communication

In general, our research experts are providing the wide-ranging research support for the research scholars to solve the major issues based on cognitive radio communication that are remaining as unsolved issues currently through this article.

Security Issues in Cognitive Radio Communication

Come let’s take a glance over the list of security issues that have been existing in the cognitive radio communication.

  • In spectrum analysis, distributed denial of services
  • In spectrum management, advanced persistent threats
  • In channel allocation and communication, malware analysis and denial of service
  • In spectrum sharing, hacking the information and incorporating the malicious node
  • In spectrum sensing, corrupting the information

Apt Solution for Security Issues

In addition, we have highlighted the appropriate solution for the security issues based on cognitive radio communication.

  • Access control used for list based channel analysis
  • Spectrum management is performed based on firewall
  • Channel allocation based on properties based auction using trust authority
  • Hybrid techniques based spectrum sharing
  • Interweave
  • Underlay
  • Overlay
  • Detection of weak signal in noisy spectrum environment

Project Topics in Cognitive Radio Communication

For your ease, our resource team has enlisted some of the innovative research projects based on cognitive radio communication.

  • Smart agent aided spectrum access routing protocol for dynamic QoS based Multihop data transmission in CRN disaster response network
  • Edge based 6G CRN-IoCV-Blockchain for secure spectrum access, routing and hybrid beamforming in mmWave massive MIMO using artificial intelligence
  • Efficient spectrum sensing using CSMA/CA
  • Security issues in cognitive radio based cooperative sensing
  • Adopting artificial intelligence technology for intelligent spectrum access and secure hybrid beamforming in mmWave massive MIMO based cognitive radio

Now, you guys can just begin to implement the projects on cognitive radio communication by your own and hit us if assistance required.

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