What is the Best OS for IoT Development

Do you guys need the best explanation about the OS used in IoT development? Then, this article will guide you because we have enlisted all the essential data that are required for the IoT development.

OS for IoT development

We have listed out the operating systems that are used in the IoT development in the following,

  • Ubuntu with Contiki NG
  • Contiki NG is an open source and cross platform operating system for IoT devices and it focuses on dependable low power communication and standard protocols such as IPv6/6LoWPAN, 6TiSCH, RPL and CoAP
  • Windows
  • It is the licensed version of OS for perform the IoT based SW installation and simulation process
  • Ubuntu
  • It is denoted as open source OS to perform simulation software installation and simulation process

Simulation Execution in Ubuntu with Contiki NG

While comparing the above mentioned OS, Ubuntu with Contiki NG is considered as the best OS for IoT development. So, we have depicted the implementation of simulation using Cooja through the execution of following commands in Ubuntu terminal.

cd contiki/tools/cooja

ant run

Open IoT Based Simulation Configuration File

Following that, we have to go to file menu and open the IoT based simulation configuration file.

Command Execution

Finally, we have highlighted the result acquired through the IoT simulation using Cooja in Ubuntu with Contiki NG.

Result of IoT Based Simulation

To this end we provide the assurance that the research scholars can contact us for more information about IoT.

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