What is the Structure of Packet Match Field in SDN

Do you guys need the best explanation about software defined network and research guidance based on the structure of packet match field? Then, this article will guide you know about the packet matching fields.

Packet Matching in OpenFlow Switch

During the arrival of OpenFlow switch, the packet header fields are extracted and they are matched against the matching field portion over the flow table entries. When the matching entry is found, the switches are applied to the appropriate set of instructions, actions and associated with the matched flow entry.

Packet Matching Fields

In the following, our technical people highlighted the match fields that are associated with the incoming packets that are deployed to match against flow entries. The OpenFlow is permitting the structure that is constructed over the twelve different header fields which are highlighted in the following image along with various bit widths such as,

  • TCP/UDP source port and TCP/UDP destination port
  • IP Type of Service (ToS) bits
  • IP protocol
  • IP destination address
  • IP source address
  • Ethernet frame type
  • Ethernet destination address
  • Ethernet source address
  • VLAN priority
  • Switch input port

Packet Matching Fields

To this end we provide the assurance that the research scholars can contact us for more information about the packet matching fields.

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