What Protocols Does Ns2 Support

First and foremost, it’s time to take a look at the utilization of supportive protocols in network simulator 2 and this is highlighted by our well-equipped technical experts.

  • Low energy adaptive clustering hierarchy (LEACH) protocol
  • LEACH is denoted as the hierarchical routing protocol which is deployed in wireless sensor networks to expand the network lifetime and the sensors arrange themselves in a cluster and single node performs a cluster head
  • Carrier sense multiple access (CSMA)
  • CMSA protocols are used more than one user or node to send and receive data through a single cable or optical fiber connecting multiple nodes
  • mac-802_11
  • It is a MAC protocol refers to the set of standards to denote the communication for wireless LANs
  • Address resolution protocol (ARP)
  • It is used to connect the ever changing internet protocol (IP) address to a fixed physical machine address in a local-area network (LAN)

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