Where can I Find Free Modeling Software for Magnetic Field Simulation

Our team of PhD holders is well experienced in this field and now let’s gets to know about the utilizations of free modeling software for magnetic field simulation.

Magnetic Field Simulation Models in Matlab

Firstly, we have highlighted the notable functions that are used to create the magnetic field modeling simulation.

  • WrapRingBfield3
  • ParallelGenerateReadings
  • drawVec
  • drawRingMagnet
  • drawCylindricalMagnet
  • AxialRingModel
  • AxialCylModelDerby

Matlab Source Code for Magnetic Field Modeling Simulation

In addition, we have highlighted some Matlab source code for the creating the observation points matrix.

  • To create observation points matrix

Xvec = Xmin:dx:Xmax; NX = length(Xvec);

Yvec = Ymin:dy:Ymax; NY = length(Yvec);

usermem = memory; MaxPossibleArrayDbl=usermem.MaxPossibleArrayBytes / 8;

if (NX*NY > MaxPossibleArrayDbl / 200)


  • To display the field


H_Z_dB = 20*log10(abs(HmatZ));

imagesc(Xvec,Yvec, H_Z_dB);

xlabel(‘X [m]’); ylabel(‘Y [m]’);

title(‘Magnetic field magnitude in dB’);


  • For magnetic moment

R_far_field = 1e3; % [m]

H_far_field = magnetic_field( FROM, TO, CUR, [R_far_field 0 0] );

H_far_field_z = H_far_field(1,3);

M = abs( H_far_field_z*4*pi*R_far_field^3 );

disp(‘magnetic moment in A-m^2 :’);

Magnetic_Moment_in_Am2 = M

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