Which Network Simulator is Best

Unquestionably, Cooja is denoted as the best network simulator and we can execute the simulation using Cooja by our own and this process includes some steps to acquire the finest simulation process. Through this article our technical experts have highlighted all the essential steps to simulate Cooja.

List of Network Simulators

As the first note, to start this article we have highlighted some of the list of network simulator in the following.

  • Ns 2
  • It is denoted as the provision of required support for the simulation of TCP, routing and multicast protocols through wired and wireless networks
  • Mininet
  • It is described as the network emulator which creates a network of virtual hosts, switches, controllers and links. In addition, it hosts run standard Linux network software and switches support OpenFlow for highly flexible custom routing and SDN
  • Cooja
  • It is network simulator to permit the emulation of real hardware platforms. It is the application of Contiki OS concentrating on network behaviour which is capable of simulating wireless sensor network without any particular mote

Execution of Simulation Using Cooja

In addition, our technical experts have highlighted some of steps that are required to simulate the Cooja through opening the terminal, changing the location using cd command and executing the following steps.

  • Executing the “ant run” command

Selection of Main File

  • Selection of main file

Execution of Ant Command

  • Acquired simulation result

Acquired Simulation Result

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