Which Routing Algorithm is Used in MANET

As the matter of fact, mobile ad hoc network is defined and popularly known as MANET and it includes various routing algorithms for the implementation process. Let’s see what are the routing algorithms are functional in the MANET network.

Routing Algorithms in MANET

Initially, we have encoded some of the significant routing protocols based on implementing the MANET network.

  • Multi agent based TD3 algorithm (MATD3)
  • Petal algorithm
  • Advanced ad hoc on demand distance vector protocol (Advanced AODV) based on fire hawk optimization algorithm (FHO)
  • Urban multi hop broadcast and best forwarder selection protocol (UMBBFSC)
  • Bandwidth aware routing protocol (BRP)
  • Secure and optimal routing protocol (SORP)

Execute Routing Algorithms in MANET

We have to execute the routing algorithms is MANET network through the utilization of OMNeT++ as per the below mentioned steps.

  • Creation of main configuration file as omnetpp.ini

Creation of Main Configuration File

  • Creation of main network file as filename.ned

Creation of Main Network File

  • To run the simulation, we have to right click on project name and select the Run as > OMNET++ simulation

Running OMNeT++ Simulation

  • We acquire the routing and packet transmission result as mentioned below

Result of Routing and Packet Transmission

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