Wireless Project Ideas

Wireless defines the communication where electromagnetic waves are used. The frequency of the signal for data transmission varies quite significantly. Nowadays Wireless project ideas are increasingly chosen by research scholars. In the following section, we have given a complete explanation of projects in wireless. 

Top 10 Interesting Wireless Project Ideas


The following are the major research issues in wireless.

  • Privacy
  • Interoperability
  • Architecture of systems
  • Security
  • Technologies that are energy efficient
  • Poor network performance

As we have been guiding research projects in wireless, we are very much aware of the ways to rectify these research issues. Our experts are well experienced to give extraordinary wireless project ideas. We can help you with all aspects of your research. Now let us see about the latest wireless communication systems i.e. 6G  


More thrust is given to 6G research for the following reasons.

  • Enhanced QualitySecurity
  • Performance 
  • User-Friendly Services

We have helped more than 300+ wireless project ideas to come into reality. So you can solely rely on us for your research help. Now let us look into the key requirements of 6G. 


The following are the key requirements of 6G

  • >100 Gbps capacity and 5Gbps throughput
  • Global coverage scale with 10 million services per square kilometer.
  • 0.1 ms, 9s latency and reliability
  • Better accuracy, precision, and flexibility
  • 1s and zero-touch adaptability response time
  • Sub-network, intuitive interfaces, and zero energy devices

These are the properties expected out of 6G. You can expect complete practical and implementation help for your ideas from us. We encourage you to contact us and talk to our research experts for further assistance. Now let us look into some of the important aspects of the 6G communication network

On the whole, the 6G network is enthusiastically chosen for the following different aspects of it.

  • Industry verticals
    • Digital twin body area network
    • Industrial automation using IoT
    • Cloud VR
    • C-V2X
  • Enabling technologies
    • Architecture of network
    • Air interface
    • Transmission technologies
  • New paradigm shifts
    • Strong security
    • Spectra of all frequencies
    • Global coverage
    • Wide applications
  • Scenarios of application
    • uRLLC
    • mMTC
    • eMBB
  • Performance metrics
    • Density of connection
    • Latency
    • Energy and cost-efficiency
    • Coverage
    • Capacity of traffic
    • Mobility
    • Rate of user data
    • Level of intelligence
    • Peak data rate
    • Capacity of security

You will understand the importance of 6G, once you understand its potential applications of it. So, now let us look into application-specific requirements of 6G

Why use 6G Network? 

Following are the extraordinary capabilities that necessitates the importance of 6G

  • High peak rate
  • High resolution
  • Multisensory, detailed level tasks
  • Enhanced capacity
  • Mixed reality and holographic
  • Time synchronization
  • Low latency
  • Backscatter communication

With these abilities, 6G find greater potential areas of applications especially in the following

  • Controlling swarms of drones and robots
  • Telepresence
  • Surveillance
  • Detecting defects
  • Distributed computing
  • Automation
  • Augmented reality for the industry
  • Wireless in the data center
  • Zero energy devices

These are the few areas where 5G finds limitations; 6G has the potential to be used. You will always find it interesting and easy to find different applications of 6G that have the potential to create huge public demand. Now let us see some of the research topics in 6G 

6G Wireless Research Ideas

The following are the major research topics in 6G

  • 6G quantum communications
  • Terahertz communications
  • 6G networks with AI
  • Massive MIMO
  • UAV networks with 6G support
  • Huge IoT networks with 6G
  • Integrated wireless data and energy transmission
  • Dynamic network slicing
  • Service provisioning, interoperability, and standards
  • Key drivers and 6G requirements
  • Integrated terrestrial and space networks
  • Management of resources for 3D networking
  • 6G supported Holographic MIMO surfaces
  • Novel and dynamic spectrum usage and unlicensed LTE
  • Integration of access-backhaul networks
  • Techniques for big data analysis, enhancing security and privacy

6G also has other commercial and future applications. Our team of engineers can guide you in any novel wireless project ideas using 6G applications. Our experts will enthusiastically help you do successful research in wireless. In the following, we have provided a sample project that we guided, for your reference. 


TITLE: Industrial Wireless Networks based on Priority Aware Two-Phase MAC Scheduling for Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communications in IEEE 802.11ax


The components of the network are

  • Relay nodes
  • Base stations
  • Actuator nodes
  • Sensor nodes 


  • Weighted Spectral Clustering with optimized Cluster Size (WSPEC-CS) algorithm forms clusters
  • Novel Game- Theory-based Optimal Matching (GTOM) algorithm enables Intra-cluster routing
  • Adaptive Earliest Deadline Scheduling (AEDS) algorithm performs MAC scheduling
  • Bacterial Foraging Optimization (BFO) algorithm selects the optimal antenna

The proposed project excelled in following performance metrics 


Based on relay nodes and SNR, the project outperformed on the following

  • Throughput
  • URLLC latency
  • Average consumption of energy
  • Rate of packet loss
  • Packet delivery ratio

Now let us see some of the IEEE topics in wireless       


The following are the most highly demanding topics in wireless

  • An effectual method for Backhaul-Aware Trajectory Optimization of Fixed-Wing UAV-Mounted Base Station aimed at Continuous Available Wireless Service
  • A new performance for Circularly Polarized Wireless Power Transfer System designed for IoT Applications
  • A modern method for Symbol-Splitting-Based Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer System designed for WPAN Applications
  • An innovative mechanism used for Resource Allocation in Wireless Powered Virtualized Sensor Networks (WPVSNs)
  • An inventive thing for Reducing The Event Stoppage For Traffic Watching System Mistreatment Wireless Reversible Device Networks
  • The effectual mechanism for Wireless Feedback Control with Variable Packet Length aimed at Industrial IoT
  • A new mechanism for Wireless Multi-Hop Energy-Efficient System used for High-Density Seismic Array practice
  • A Fresh Method for Isolation of Sinkhole Attack in WSNs
  • A new method for Ultrawideband Network Channel Models intended for Next-Generation Wireless Avionic System
  • The innovative mechanism for Well-organized Wireless Charging Pad Deployment in Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Networks (WRSNs)
  • The novel technique for Hybrid Wireless Positioning and Charging With Switched Field Helmholtz Coils aimed at Wireless Capsule Endoscopy
  • An effective methodology for Obstacle-Aware Fuzzy-Based on Localization of Wireless Chargers in WSNs
  • A new mechanism for Data Fusion Method Exploiting Data Correlation intended for Physical Wireless Parameter Conversion Sensor Networks
  • The novel research process for Learning into Communicate with Autoencoders Rethinking Wireless Systems with Deep Learning\
  • A new method for Wireless Camera Network Demonstration designed for Launcher Applications Based on IR-UWB
  • An innovative method for Energy Efficient Wireless Communication intended for IoT Enabled Greenhouses
  • On the use of Receiver Beacon Transmission Interval Design used by Q-Learning focused based on Packet Delivery Rate for Multi-Stage WSNs
  • Modernize method for Designing WI-FI Wireless Networks with High Density of Subscriber Service
  • An effectual function for Energy Efficiency and Delay Tradeoff for Wireless Powered Mobile-Edge Computing Systems With Multi-Access Schemes

We have more than 40 content developers and writers who are highly qualified to put all your wireless project ideas into words and a well-experienced team of engineers and research experts who will put your ideas into execution.


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