Wireless Sensor Network Simulation Projects

Are you guys gone tired of searching the sufficient article about innovative research topics in wireless sensor network simulation? No worries!!! You guys are at the right stand. Come now let’s start this article with the novel research topics in WSN simulation.

Research Topics in WSN Simulation

Let’s start this article with the list of research topics based on wireless sensor network simulation projects.

  • Secure energy bio inspired clustering and deep learning based routing using blockchain for edge assisted WSN environment
  • Adaptive quorum based scheduling and interference free routing for edge enabled UAV assisted software defined wireless sensor networks using artificial intelligence
  • Performance analysis of IoT and long range radio based sensor node and gateway architecture for solid waste management
  • Area coverage maximization under connectivity constraint in wireless sensor networks
  • Primary detection of forest fires using wireless sensors network and data mining technique

Algorithms for WSN Simulation Projects

For your ease, our technical experts have enlisted some of the algorithms that are deployed to implement the wireless sensor network simulation projects.

  • Game theory based generative adversarial network (GTGAN)
  • Modified rainbow based (MORA) DRL
  • Modified African buffalo optimization (MABOO)
  • Hierarchical clustering algorithm based spectral classification (HCA-SC)

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