Cloud Computing Journals List

Submitting the research manuscript to an unsuitable journal will result in the rejection of the research manuscript by the editors in the journal. This rejection might happen without even sending the manuscript for the peer-review process. It used to waste both the research scholar’s as well as the editor’s time. So, researchers have to be aware while selecting journals that have to match the research study done by the author. Therefore, it is the most important because it makes it more likely that the research manuscript will be accepted by the journal. The occurrence of ethical standards in the research paper publication is to ensure the high-quality research publication process in cloud computing journals list. It is essential to avoid the following processes and that helps to stand by the publication ethics for successful publication.

Points to Avoid while Publishing Research Manuscript

  • Improper author contribution
    • The authors involved in the research manuscript have to make a significant contribution to the research study
    • Researchers should not gift the authorship to the one who didn’t provide their contribution to the research
  • Redundant publication
    • It is the process of publishing one research experiment into two various research manuscripts
    • In addition, the editors in a journal used to reject the research paper when it results in the salami slicing
  • Multiple submission
    • Multiple submission in various journals is considered unethical activity while publishing the research manuscript
    • Editors and reviewers in the journal can damage the reputation of the author
    • So, the authors should not try for the multiple research manuscript submission
  • Plagiarism
    • Researchers have to avoid plagiarism in their research manuscripts because the occurrence of copied content leads to the paper rejection
    • Avoiding plagiarism is the most required feature of paper writing and the publication process
    • The research idea has to be created by the researcher and they should not copy from any other published content
    • So, the research manuscript has to be created using the own words of the author
  • Data fabrication and falsification
    • This is more or less similar to plagiarism because data fabrication has occurred when the researcher didn’t study but replicated the data
    • The data falsification is just altering some of the data without doing any research experiments

Generally, we used to follow such manners while starting the research projects and that has to be unique, novel, and innovative based on real-time applications. Now, let’s take a look at the significance of cloud computing along with some research notions in this field. It is beneficial for research scholars to get to know about the trending research fields in cloud computing. We guide to publish your research work in highly impacted best cloud computing journals list.

Latest Cloud Computing Journals List

The cloud computing field suddenly increases employment opportunities in society. On the other hand, the research in this field of cloud computing is also striking the rate peak with various inventions over the process of significant research concepts through including lots of specifications and formats in implementing the research for PhD scholars. In addition, research scholars are also paying even more attention in recent days in this particular field. Thus, we have highlighted the topical research areas based on cloud computing in the following.

Research Areas in Cloud Computing

  • Secure cloud virtualization
  • Inter and Intra VM migration
  • Resource management
  • Federated cloud
  • Load balancing
  • Task scheduling
  • Cloud cryptography and security
  • Dependable secure computing
  • Mobile cloud computing
  • Pervasive computing
  • Fog and grid computing

Our research experts are well versed in the cloud computing research field as well we have completed several research projects and published research manuscripts in reputed journals. Consequently, the provision of publication support meets all the expectations of the journal, reviewer, and so on. So, the researchers can research aid more research support from our experienced research professionals.

For your ease, we have attached latest cloud computing journals list in the below-mentioned excel. In addition, it covers the impact factor of journals, the name of the publication, etc.

Latest Cloud Computing Journals List

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