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The nomenclature paper is referring to the scientific document named research paper or journal paper. Usually, research papers are used to demonstrate and develop an idea that is introduced through research proposals. Normally, research papers are transcribed up to 18 to 20 folios. It is subject to publication which requires so many minute aspects in papers.

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The paper published in the top and reputed journals are followed the rules and regulations mentioned thereby. On other hand, rejected papers might be failed to shadow down the rubrics. Every publishing research paper is undergoing several numbers of progressions like examinations, corrections, and many more. This handout is exclusively posted to give some interesting details on paper writing. (Here, SMEs – Subject Matter Experts)

What is a Research Paper Publication?

A research paper publication is a key to making everything as open source. To be specific, every proposing valid idea needs to be expressed throughout the world. Research paper publication is the greatest podium that evaluates and publishes the ideas.

In other words, research paper publication is a kind of database in which different collections of journals are presented. For example, articles, journal research paper, periodicals, and many more. Research paper publications are subject to time limits.

The paper publication is increasing the chances to make interactions with world-class researchers and lecturers. This will help PhD students gear up their research voyages. In the following passage, we have deliberately explained to you how paper publication consultancy is acting on behalf of students.

Research Paper Publication Consultancy

By availing of our paper consultancy services, you will be educated in most of the academic writing tactics. In general, our expert team is updating themselves with the upcoming technologies as well as they know how to act according to the hindrances that arise.

They help you get unsurpassed credits from your universities injecting their innovativeness. Besides, our technical folklores will inspect the fields in which they made their investigations. Our colleagues can assist you to find out the exact journal relating to your investigation has taken place.

A typical research paper is comprised of several processes known as,

  • Rough drafting
  • Fair drafting
  • Writing
  • Structuring
  • Organizing
  • Proofreading

Our concern is to appoint different determined teams for the said processes. In other words, by approaching our academics, you will be benefited from the following aspects,

  • Highlights on originality and neutrality
  • Determined responding protocols for commentators
  • On-time submissions
  • Complete journal paper practicalities
  • Thorough revisions

Keep these things in your mind while approaching a paper publication consultancy. As of now, we have covered the conceptions on a basic level. At this time, we are going to tell you how to write a research paper specifically for journal publication.

How to Write a Research Paper for Journal Publication?

One can write his or her research paper in 3 categories as listed down below,

Brief explanations are articulated in the immediate section to make your understanding better.

Conference Papers

The papers specifically written for the conference proceedings are known as case reports or conference papers. Universities will call for students to present their ideas by sending circulars to different universities. Everyone cannot present their papers here because they select only eligible candidates who proposed novel ideologies.

Research Monographs

Research monographs are an innovative piece of writing which indicates the experimented details. In other words, it offers extensive gen about the explored area. Here, peer reviews are determining the quality of proposed research work.

Review Papers

Review-based papers are opinion-based papers that are typically held in the chosen area. The formerly published research papers are studied and reviewed in a paper and the paper is called a review paper.

The aforementioned are the 3 categories in which most of the published research papers are written. Your papers can also get published in reputed journals if you are supposed to write papers in these categories. Shall we trespass this section?  The next segment is all about fast publication.

Journal Fast Publication Help

A journal paper can be published even after a year. However, the short duration for a paper publication is normally 3 months. Paper publication duration may vary from journal to journal. As students are being novices, they are unaware of this criterion since they might submit their papers to journals in which publication duration takes a prolonged time.

It is a wise idea to approach our paper publication consultancy. As we are teamed up with intellectual researchers, developers and writers, we have been analyzing every reputed journal regarding their specifications. We are highly capable of instructing students to select the right journal with fast publication factors.

Generally, the fast publication is in the hands of commentators’ accessibility. Of course, without the huge number of reviewers, the fast publication cannot be possible. In general fact, highly reputed journals are taking 5 to 12 months for publishing.

By approaching our paper publication consultancy, we help you to publish your paper within a short duration. It is possible by navigating some reputed open access journals.  Yes, our technical experts will let you know those details. By publishing your papers in these journals, your publication time will be reduced from 12 months to 2 or 3 months.

For this, we have been scrutinizing several bunches of websites that are all about fast publication details. As we are teamed up with world-class engineers, we have customized software that is integrated with artificial intelligence. The software is highly capable of detecting plagiarism and paper eminence.

Journal paper indexing is subject to a high level of quality. The papers submitted from our side are having 100% quality aspects since every kind of technical paper is getting approvals from a determined board of adjudicators. ISI, Scopus, and SCI are the 3 important standards in paper publication.

Well! The paper publication process can be ordered into several stages. To know further details, just give a glance at the ensuing passage.

Research Paper Publication Consultancy

What are the Steps of the Paper Publication Process?

A paper publication process is the improved by the stepping ladders as mentioned below,

  • Step 1: Handpicking appropriate journal
  • Step 2: Handing over to make revisions
  • Step 3: Interpreting the reviewed monographs
  • Step 4: Proceeding with peer reviewing
  • Step 5: Getting Approvals
  • Step 6: Publication

Itemized above are the 6 major steps involved in a paper publication process. When talking about publication, we need to keep an eye on journal lists. If you are not aware of journal lists then the following passage is meant for you.

How to Select a Journal?

While planning to publish your research papers in top & reputed journals such as,

  • IEEE
  • Elsevier
  • ACM
  • Springer
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Wiley
  • Inder Science
  • Science Direct
  • Taylor Francis

One has to consider the available toolkits to find the exact journal. For instance, if you are going with Elsevier journal publication then you can make use of the journal finder to choose the appropriate journal.  When selecting a relevant journal to the article that you would have written can be found by putting the keywords into the search engines.

By doing so, we can also come to the know the list of journals with their H index, SNIP, SJR, Eigen factors, impact factors, and most importantly their acceptance and publication duration. Submit your paper in a single publication and avoid submitting for multiple times. At this time, we would like to give details on the evaluation criteria for journal publication.

Criteria for Evaluating a Journal for Publication

World-class engineers are evaluating the journal before submitting their research papers for publication. They are evaluating the journals by considering the ensuing practicalities,

  • Ease of access
  • Acceptance duration
  • Importance of journal
  • Different article categories
  • Targeted journal’s style
  • Significance or scope of the study

The major factor that we need to highly concentrate on is acceptance duration. It may fluctuate according to the nature of a journal publication.  Generally, highly esteemed journal publications do have lesser acceptance rates.  The reason behind getting rejections from reputed journals is only because of not following their rules and regulations as levied therein.

If truth to be told, it is very difficult to discover the acceptance duration and rate of a specific journal. Journal publications are considering several strange aspects for fixing acceptance rate like no. of monographs acquired and no. of monographs sent to the peer review. Some other journals might consider nothing to fix acceptance rates. They will be having improper estimations.

On the other hand, journals in which the least contribution is made have a high acceptance rate. Here, the manuscript’s category is playing a vital role.  In the forthcoming passage, our technical experts have told you the paper publication guidelines.

Guidelines for Paper Publication

  • Propose novel and newfangled ideologies instead of outdated ones
  • Set clear and precise mottos & arguments on research importance
  • Sum up research actualities to redo your experimentations
  • Confirm with the research information adequacy and precision levels
  • Strictly avoid plagiarism & situate original contents
  • Select and submit your paper to the right journal
  • Shadow down the ways and means to get approval from concerned entities

Listed above are the various guidelines to be followed during paper publications. Alright! Towards the end, we wanted to situate the most frequently asked question regarding journals which are having highest impact factors.

Which Journal has Highest Impact Factor?

  • Swarm & Evolutionary Computation
  • Image Processing based IEEE Transactions
  • Intellectual Systems based International Journal
  • Evolutionary Computation related IEEE Transactions
  • Fuzzy Systems based IEEE Transactions
  • Bioinformatics and Image Processing
  • Cybernetics oriented IEEE Transactions
  • Data Fusion / Amalgamation
  • Neural Networks & Learning Systems based IEEE Transactions
  • Pattern Analysis & Machine Intelligence-based IEEE Transactions

The aforementioned are the various popular and familiar journals that are having up to 17. 8 impact factors. Hence, choosing these kinds of journals will ease up your publication duration and reputation.

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Henceforward, don’t lose your hopes just only because of facing some tiny barriers. If you want any kind of assistance in writing and researching, sent your queries to our mailbox and put your reviews in the comment boxes. In the end, we are conveying our best wishes to your research and writing initiations.

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