Science Citation Index Journal List 2022

Science citation index (SCI) journals are well thought out as one of the most sound full multidisciplinary citation indexes across the world. In addition, it provides the recent impact factor values of all the science journals (Science Citation Index Journal List 2022) and it is beneficial for the research scholars. Science journals have their extensive versions such as the extensive and the updated version of SCI is SCIE (Science citation index expanded). The journals which are indexed through both the SCI and SCIE are labeled as the leading journals based on the academic spectrum. The indexes are accessible through the platform namely, a library of the web of science. The SCI is a quarterly journal that is utilized to publish research papers and articles in all the research fields.

The research experts provide academic services such as national and international conferences, research paper writing services, and paper publication services, for reference papers will be published in reputed journals such as SCI Journals, SSCI, SCIE, and web of science indexed journals. Get a complete list of science citation index journal list 2022 from our panel team.  Our team of experts has listed the significant characteristics of the science citation index in the following,

Features of Science Citation Index

  • Chronological coverage
    • The print coverage is started in the 60s and the online SCI and CD-ROM SCI can search the papers in the 70s
    • In addition, the print is updated bi-monthly along with annual and five years accumulation
    • CD-ROM is updated quarterly and online is weekly
  • Citation searching
    • It is used to avoid the limitations of subject terms and permits tracing the research advanced from the given paper
    • While a research paper is citing another paper then it includes the other paper’s concept as well
  • Automated indexing
    • The automated indexing process has a large extent in ISI and it is deployed to speed up the processing of documents and it limits the depth
    • SCI includes the no subject indexing through the addition of keywords and authors which is the greater subject access
  • Selective coverage
    • In general, SCI is not used to cover all the publications related to science and it covers the limited journals, books, and conference papers
    • Citation statistics is used to select the journals
    • It indexes all the significant journals

Science Citation Index Journal Lsit updated 2022

Citation Index

In general, the name of the first author is used to list the cited articles and the name is followed through the year of publication, cited journal, volume number, and page. The author names are used to list alphabetically which the same paper is cited for multiple articles. The source index is used to collect the minimum details of the cited paper. Below, we have highlighted some examples for the citation index.

  • ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology
    • Quarterly
    • ISSN: 1049-331X
  • IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems
    • Monthly
    • ISSN: 1045-9219
  • IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications
    • Quarterly
    • ISSN: 1536-1276
  • ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems
    • Bimonthly
    • ISSN: 0164-0925
  • Electric Power Systems Research
    • Monthly
    • ISSN: 0378-7796

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The list of science citation index journals is explained in detail including the ISSN, name of the publisher, title of the journal, etc. in the below-mentioned excel.

Latest Science Citation Index Journal List 2022

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