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A well-structured literature search is the basis of several research projects and the required part of the research methodology. With the ever-growing body of scientific literature, high-quality literature(web of science Q1 journal list) searches are significant if one is to retrieve all relevant publications.

Search strategies differ for basic and clinical research and both types of strategies will be covered in this chapter. This chapter will also present the principal scientific bibliographic databases, as well as strategies for keeping up to date with the latest publications through alert services and apps. Bibliographic measures such as impact factor and h-index, along with efficient handling of references using reference management software, will also be discussed. Finally, the chapter will address open access publication, retaining copyright, and self-archiving of publications.

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What is the Web of Science?

In general, the web of science is also known as the web of knowledge and it is the database of bibliographic citations of multidisciplinary areas which include several journals. To incorporate the citation indices and provides the scope for analysis of indexing and citations. It usually requires a commercial subscription and assistive to view the references. The utilization for searching a subject and cited references for reference retrieves the articles which are cited through the reference article and is supportive in viewing the references which are cited already in the relevant article. The articles are searched through the entities such as the author’s name, title, source, etc. The benefits of using this database are that it will retrieve the number of articles through several disciplines and that leads to saving time.

The main intention of the web of science is to provide a forum for the dissemination of novel ideas, new information, applications for various innovative methods, etc. The web of science q1 journal list emphasizes the innovations and creative thoughts for the highest quality by presenting itself as the finest scientific platform. The features include,

  • Brief methodological critiques
  • Innovative research
  • Manuscripts to explore fresh directions
  • Beneficial to study a broad range of scientific topics

In general, the web of science is similar to Scopus which is a website that provides access related to the subscriptions of the database which comprises the comprehensive citation data across various academic fields. It is considered the finest citation website in the field of science and technology. It includes several journals, citation index journal databases, and books with the conference proceedings with all the required data functions. In addition, if researchers are getting the work published in a web of science journals then it is a remarkable achievement in their academic career.

Significance of Web of Science Publishers

For several years, the web of science has been fully committed to the publication of scholarly information of the highest quality and it remains the primary goal today. The publishers are dedicated to ensuring that the knowledge provided through the publisher is always professionally produced, rigorously researched, and appropriately disseminated. Alongside this commitment to the concern, we are passionate about conducting our business ethically and delivering the wider priorities that will be shared with other sectors bringing down the environmental footprints, building meaningful community, and offering a great place to work.

Somewhat the details are to be taken into the deliberation getting in advance the work published in a journal which is considered as the journal with high impact factor. The journal publication over and done with the international conference is one significant way to go. Highly reputed and treasured with several innovative, discoveries and knowledge in the fields. Here we have highlighted some of the significant webs of science journals.

  • Computer Journal
  • Computer Science Review
  • Frontiers of Computer Science
  • IBM Journal of Research and Development
  • IEEE Multimedia
  • Journal of Computer and Systems Sciences International
  • Journal of Network and Computer Applications
  • PEERJ Computer Science
  • ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing Communications and Applications
  • Applied Ontology
  • Big Data Research
  • Communications of the ACM
  • Computer Networks
  • Thomson Reuters 
  • Entertainment Computing
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems
  • Image and Vision Computing

So far, we have come up with the significance of research paper publication details. If anything seems to be difficult then approaching us would help you. In addition, they make use of the below-mentioned excel which includes the web of science Q1 journal list.

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