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The publication is considered the serious phase for all researchers to successful careers. On the other hand, getting published in renowned and high-impact journals can be a challenging task for researchers. All the authors feel a great achievement when the research paper is published in reputed and high-impact journals. High-impact journals such as Elsevier SCI Journal List are disreputable for having a high rate of rejection through selecting the best research.

Significance of Publishing in Elsevier SCI Journal List

Elsevier is considered one of the most important publishers of some of the most well-respected science journals in the world. Henceforth, publishing research in Elsevier will be widely disseminated. Due to this, Elsevier journals are a smart choice for scientific authors. Elsevier journals also have a high journal impact factor overall. This means that publishing in a journal is more likely to get your article cited. It is most significant for all the researchers to be careful while submitting the articles.

The Elsevier journals have a standard reputation to uphold and they also have stringent principles for publishing. Even apparently, submitting the article without peer review is considered an inconsequential problem by this publisher. The most significant problem can be a cause for rejection during the peer review process. If you wrote an article and it was rejected, what might some of the reasons be? Let us take a look at common causes for the article rejection.

  • Suspicion of plagiarism
    • The plagiarism checkers can scan the manuscript and compare the text to that published material. The researchers can avoid falling the victim to this reason for rejection by conducting a plagiarism check before submitting the manuscript to the journal
  • Incomplete manuscript
    • Research articles which are failed to include the significant and most essential elements such as authors, keywords, figures, etc. will be rejected from the journal as incomplete manuscript
  • Inadequate research
    • The research methodology is considered the foremost part of the research when the journal reviewer finds problems with your data collection or the analysis methods and this can be the strong basis for rejection. To avoid this type of rejection, the researchers have to follow the solid and empirical methodological method
  • Insufficient novelty
    • The research papers give the impression it is similar to an extension of existing work without a novel conclusion and addendum to another paper you have written before. The Elsevier journals aim to publish the novel and exciting work and they are not interested in work that is the insufficient novel

Elsevier is considered as the research which finds the rejected articles end up and the published in the reputed and high impact journal with the equal and higher and the impact with all the required and average rate of replication through presenting the writing with high quality.

Latest Elsevier SCI Journal List

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Latest Elsevier Journals List

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