Network Communication Research Topics

A concept of network communication is used to transmit information between end systems for supporting different services and applications. In general, the network communication area is concerned with two significant streams as telecommunication and data communication. Our experts will guide you in developing network communication research topics.

On this page, we provide a broad range of research ideas, tools, and terminologies in network communication. The current trend in network communication carried out different technologies in diverse network infrastructures including LoRa, 5G, 6G, mobile edge computing, UAV, and so on. Especially, various type of network traffic is handled in those areas such as video streaming, and VoIP (Voice over IP) for specific QoS and QoE requirement achievements.

Top 5 Latest Network Communication Research Topics

What are the components of network communication?

  • Communication Channels
  • Communication Devices / Routers
  • Communication Software
  • Communication Technologies

The routing of packets is also known as network communication. Certain features are set to make the robust communication. In addition, how the network components are connected in routing is as follows.  

What are the properties of packet transmission?

There are five fundamental properties are focused on in-network communication.

  • Signal type in data transmission (Analog / Digital)
  • Signal speed in transmission (How fast data traveling)
  • Data transmission method used as Synchronous or Asynchronous
  • Baseband or broadband transmission i.e. single or multichannel

We offer recent research advances in the field of network communication From our current knowledge in networks, in the following, we provide some in-depth network communication research topics. We gather all research ideas and finalized any research concept through detailed discussions with our technical experts. Therefore, you can gain wide knowledge with remarkable research solutions from us.

Top 5 Interesting Network Communication Research Topics

  • THZ and mmWave (LoS and NLoS)
  • Data Transmission by LTE-A, 5G, and 6G
  • Multi-user MIMO and Massive Beamforming
  • IEEE 80211ay based Communication
  • Drone, UAV and AUV Communication
  • Molecular and Green Communication

Today, we examine all potential applications in various research areas of network communication. Great research is successful when knowing all types of applications. From us, you can get such applicable areas on every research idea that you picked in network communication.

What are the applications for network communication?

  • Smart city and Smart Home
  • Disaster monitoring
  • Tactile and military networks
  • Satellite link communication
  • Vehicular communication
  • Body area communication
  • Flying autonomous communication
  • Industrial automation
  • Submarine communication

Let’s know about thesis writing as follows. From a PhD/ MS thesis writing point of view, we discuss here the fundamental information in writing a thesis. In such cases, you can prefer our current trends updated technical team to know more about it.

How to start PhD Thesis Writing?

Starting PhD thesis writing is an easy way for scholars and students. However, good thesis writing covers the following.

  • New Research Contributions
  • Interesting Research Topic
  • Overall Flow Graph must be presented
  • Detailed Results & Discussion
  • Research Problems
  • Proposed Approaches

We describe all the above-mentioned information for your network communication research topics. In particular, we address all the research hypothetical questions and why it is important today? To win the examiner’s and research community interest, we make all the chapters by perfect English and Technical writing.


For every network communication research topic, conducting simulation/experiment has become a significant part. We tell about the simulation part of network communication. We choose the correct simulation tool with a set of modules, libraries, and packages to write source code effectively. Hence, results validation is accurate, relevant, and interesting in your PhD thesis writing.

Network Communication Simulators 

  • OPNET (Supports link models, priority and queuing methods)
  • QualNet (Evaluate in protocol performance analysis)
  • NetSim (Handling packet collision)
  • NS-2 & NS-3 (Used in congestion, queuing, routing, and multicast)
  • GloMoSim (Supports all channel models)
  • OMNeT++ (For QoS parameters evaluation latency, jitter)
  • P2PRealm (Resource discovery and management)
  • GTNetS (Used for packet tracing and queuing)

In the above, we provide you with some of the network simulators in communication. To get more knowledge for your network communication research topics, contact us. Our technical engineers and developers are located in multiple countries to clarify all your questions on any part of PhD stages as research network communication proposal writing, paper writing, and projects development.

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