Wireless Sensor Network Project Ideas

Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are intelligent networks for information distribution that is sensed from the environment. Here, the data is transmitted over wirelessly connected nodes, base station, access point, and gateway. From this page, the scholars can get to know the advanced Wireless Sensor Network Project Ideas with its future directions!!!

As a matter of fact, WSN is an open platform for scholars with a broad range of new research advancements and issues. The current basic WSNs limitations have contended with localization, low-power usage, security, channel access, etc.

For this reason, it is essential to incorporate other evolving technologies such as learning algorithms (ML & DL), edge fog networks, blockchain, and many more. As a result, it is effective to sort out new encounters implemented in IoT through the following evolving research methodologies. 

Latest Research Wireless Sensor Project Ideas

Emerging Research Technologies in WSN  

  • WSNs Range-based Localization
  • IoT aware Computing System (Cloud, Fog, and Edge)
  • Internet of Things in Industry 4.0 Revolution
  • IoT Security through Blockchain Technology
  • Wireless Passive Antennas Sensors for Applications
  • Secure and Efficient IoT enabled WSNs
  • Huge-scale Data analytics in IoT-WSN Environment

From the above-specified areas, let’s deeply discuss the Wireless Antenna Sensors since it is one of the high demanding ideas in the current year. Most probably, the IoT-oriented subjects are largely dependent on the improvement of wireless sensors.

In general, antennas are used for many purposes such as sensing, power need, and transmission. In specific, antennas are employed for supporting applications of low power consumption to improve the following aspects,

  • Beam focusing
  • Greater bandwidth
  • Wireless energy transmission
  • Energy saving
  • Multipath propagation wireless communication
  • Batteryless operation

By knowing this area’s importance, our research team has gone through several recent research papers, journals, magazines, and articles to find the current demanding ideas over this area. After a deep study, we have come to know that it is widely spread in the following applications.  

Applications of WSN

  • Intelligent Traffic Light Control
  • Smart Agriculture Precision
  • Vehicle to Vehicle Communication
  • Building and Home Automation
  • Environmental Pollution Monitoring Systems
  • Smart City Parking Integration System
  • Body-Implantable Antenna / Medical Devices

In above, we have specified only a few applications more than this there are infinite numbers of research trends. In addition, we are currently working on several awe-inspiring Wireless Sensor Network Project Ideas. And few of them are as follows, 

Research Topics in Wireless Sensors 

  • Metamaterial Antennas based Sensing for Communication
  • Wireless Power Transmission using Implantable Medical Devices / Antennas
  • Bio-telemetry applications using Wearable / Implantable Antennas
  • Processing and Quantifying Behavioral Signals (using Flexible Antenna sensors)
  • Microwave Antenna for Location and Near Field Power Assessment

Just to let you know about important aspects of the WSN project. We have handpicked one wsn research topic as a sample. From this, you can know how the WSN project will be developed, how the project is divided into modules, how the modules are interconnected with each other, how the overall system performance is evaluated. 

Present Wireless Sensor Network Project 

Project Title: Efficient Employment of Source Location Privacy Scheme using Q-Learning and ECC-ALO for WSN based Circular Chessboard

Environment: Wireless Sensor Network

Network Entities: Global Attacker, Sensor Nodes, Sink Node, and Cluster Heads

Proposed Work

In this system, we have proposed a new Source Location Privacy Scheme for Wireless Sensor Circular Chessboard using Q-Learning and ECC-ALO algorithms.

An adversary is placed close to the sink node which attempts to capture the source location. Also, it can view the entire network communication pattern for global view purposes as a Global attacker.

(i). Key Generation

  • ECC Algorithm – Register sensor nodes to sink node
  • Lion Optimum Algorithm (ALO) – Generate Private Key
  • Generate Public Key using private key and basepoint

(ii). Topology Management (Clustering)

  • Grading Point Approach (GP) – Select optimal cluster head for Clustering
  • Parameters:Distance (Euclidean Distance) and Node Energy Level (NEL)
  • CM will send the XOR data packets through node private key to CH

(iii). Inter-cluster Routing (Travel Plan) 

  • Q-learning Algorithm – update trust value
  • Compute Trust value
  • Parameters:Number of packets received by the ith node and Number of packets forwarded by with node
  • To overcome the disadvantages of existing methods, for instance, dummy message transmission, random walk routing, fake source nodes deployment, and phantom routing, proposed the new innovative routing technique.
  • Here, let make an assumption that if the CH adjacent to the source node (i.e., right-side black space) has a greater trust value then it passes packets to the sink node. Likewise, in left-side space, it transmits fake packets where the fake points contain a fake source location.

(iv). Data Security

  • Chaotic Artificial Neural Network – For encryption

On the whole, we assess the proposed system performance by means of the below metrics,

  • Network Lifetime vs. Distance among Source node and Sink node 
  • Energy Utilization vs. Total Number of Nodes
  • Delay
    • Versus Distance among SN and Sink node
    • Versus Hop Count among SN and Sink node
  • Safety Period 
    • Versus Distance among SN and Sink node
    • Versus Hop Count among SN and Sink node
  • Total Energy Utilization vs. Total Number of Layers 

Further, we are frequently undergoing studies for knowing changes in trends and developing up-to-date research wireless sensor network project ideas. For your awareness about a recent study, we have given some important research ideas.

Wireless Sensor Network Project Titles 

  • A new-fangled mechanism for Efficient Wireless Charging Pad Deployment in Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Networks (WRSNs)
  • Pioneering method for Design and Implementation of Solar Energy Harvesting with Double Booster Circuit in WSNs
  • Competent method for Cooperative MIMO-OFDM-Based on Exposure-Path Prevention Over 3D Clustered Wireless Camera Sensor Networks (WCSNs)
  • A fresh method for Time Series Snapshot of Event Boundary Detection and Area Estimation in WSNs
  • An innovative methodology for Node Replacement Method intended for Disaster Resilient WSNs
  • Novel research function for Optimized routing method aimed at wireless sensor networks based on improved ant colony algorithm
  • A novel mechanism for Energy-Efficient Supportive Routing Scheme aimed at Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks (HWSNs)
  • An innovative method for Cryptanalysis of Protocol for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks for IoT Environment
  • The new technology for Inter-data commonality detection intended for spectrum monitoring in wireless sensor networks
  • An effectual function for Data Fusion Method Exploiting Data Correlation based on Physical Wireless Parameter Conversion Sensor Networks
  • A Novel Method intended for Isolation of Sinkhole Attack in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • An effective mechanism for Resource Allocation in Wireless Powered Virtualized Sensor Networks
  • Modernize mechanism for Cross-Layer Network Lifetime Maximization in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks
  • A contemporary method based on In-Band Network Telemetry in Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks (IWSNs)
  • An effective mechanism designed for Wireless Camera Network Demonstration aimed at Launcher Applications Based on IR-UWB
  • The novel technology of Fast and Reliable Alert Delivery in Mission-Critical Wi-Fi HaLow Sensor Networks
  • A new method for Energy-Efficient Barrier Coverage With Probabilistic Sensors in WSNs
  • A competent mechanism for IoT and Wireless Sensor Network based Autonomous Farming Robot
  • The novel technology of Cross-Layer Design intended for Load-Aware Routing in IEEE 802.11-based Wireless Mesh and Sensor Networks
  • Efficient Employment of Source Location Privacy Scheme using Q-Learning and ECC-ALO for WSN based Circular Chessboard

Further, if you want to know more about Wireless Sensor Network Project Ideas, then contact our team. We are sure to help you in your needy time to fulfill your research goal.

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